Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I'm in need of a Muslim investor for my company that I'm trying to expand and grow. I am in the car audio, car alarms, and car accessories business and see the growth potential in the wholesale side of the business. I am in Miami, Florida and see the need for a wholesaler in this field in the area that I am in. There are plenty of retailers in this field in my area and have to drive a bit to see the nearest wholesaler or even UPS the merchandise in, which is an added cost. I've made contact with many manufacturers about becoming a Distributor and they all want to talk business with me. They (the manufacturers) feel that my idea is perfect and what this area needs. I've talked to a few other distributors that I currently deal with on the retail side and they've had great success in the wholesale side. I plan on taking the profits from this wholesale business and building Mosques and schools for other fellow Muslims to come, pray and have their children taught about Islam. If anyone would be interested in talking with me about this type of business, please feel free to contact me either by email ( or call me directly @ (305) 975-5301. I'm in the USA.


Tue, 2007/11/06 - 12:00

Are there any Muslims out there who are willing to help out a fellow Muslim Brother?? We as Muslims are supposed to help out one another. I haven't had any Legit replies to this post. Please Muslim Brothers..........Let's join together and help out our fellow Muslims. It's time for Muslims to unite....Salam Alaykum.

I’m a business man in experience at the property as long 10 years in Jakarta – Indonesia (Biggest moslem country), I will to development townhouse in strategic location in East Jakarta and South Jakarta. This property business is very feasible, always good growth and could big profit margin and return capital and profit only 1 (one) year, This now I need capital as US $ 500.000. Methode business property is Profit Sharing with Investor. If you interest with me, Please your email to me : I will to explain my business to your email include Feasibilty Study Townhouse Project or you can to call me at Mobile Number +62 81806549511 . For your information : Jakarta – Indonesia is the right place for investment property, becouse the land price is inexpensive, so your capital managed for could big profit. Thank’s for your attention, I’m in Jakarta – Indonseia.