I am Ahmad Sabbah the owner of The Nora Fashion Group looking for investor to expand my business. Below a small brief about my business:

Who We Are
The Nora is an online shopping destination for women clothing, accessories, shoes, purses and hand bags…
The Nora group consists of 3 main domains: Nora Jewelry, The Nora Fashion Magazine and The Nora; where each has its website as each has its purview.
The group delivers its orders through DHL shipments and covers all countries worldwide.

What We Sell
Nora Jewelry sells fashionable, unique pieces, yet affordable accessories, scarves, purses, and bags. Nora-Jewelry.com is up and running from the beginning of 2012.
The Nora Fashion Magazine is meant to address fashion seekers by capturing latest fashion trends, collections, beauty tips and reviews, focusing on presenting our products and how they address the latest fashion and trends. The website will start running in the beginning of 2013.
The Nora as a start up will sell basic clothing items: tops, dresses, pants and shoes; yet as the business expands, so will its merchandise. The website will start running in the middle of 2013.

Who We Sell To
Our main market segment is women who are looking for affordable yet high quality fashionable clothes, accessories and makeup. We were able to attract some wholesalers as well by offering discounts for big orders. A modest potion of our customers is also those looking for gifts for their loved ones and the special ladies in their lives.

please email me if you need more details in order to invest in The Nora Fashion Group


Mon, 2012/12/03 - 06:52

Salam i am in Makkah and could you send me more detail about your business and where are you located, i mean which country.

Mon, 2012/12/03 - 09:39

Thank you for showing interest in my business. I am located in Amman-Jordan.

I can send you the executive summary on your request.

Thank you