Sports Rendezvous is a sports magazine that I want to be circulating across Africa, Europe, Asia and America. It will contain scintillating sports news that would grasp the minds of our loyal readers.

It also contains travel guide, health guide, interviews, advertisements, job listening, shopping and so on.

Is a one of its kind in the market and we are targeting majorly, all categories of people and a major concern for travelers either young or old who are leaving from one country to another and needs travel information on the country they are heading to. This magazine will help them on making friends easily through sports, also help them to get jobs easily and where to easily shop at a take-away price.

I have a clear and straight-forward business plan to buttress my point and is available for your further enquiry.


Business/Executive Summary.

Our business is all about publishing concrete truth to our readers through our colourful, innovative, concise and informative sports magazine. It is always produce and release once in a month. It covers all kinds of sporting- events’ news, speculations, rummours, gossips, sports transfer deals, sign-ons and advertisements from around the world. We major also on sports celebrities’ live-styles; inside and outside what they do best, mistakes, achievements, celebrations, occasion, success, failures, trials, retirement, convictions and sentences out of glory.

Our Mission: To make you the first to know!

Vision Statement: Is to bring undiluted sporting entertainment to all.

Our objectives:

1. Providing accurate news information to our subscribers and viewers.
2. Showing clear images through our cable network and newspaper.
3. Show-casing interviews of sports men and women.
4. Presenting benefiting, educating, and entertaining sports ads.

Our Services:

1. Publication of sports news.
2. Publication of advertisement.
3. Marketing talented sports men and women.
4. Discovering youthful talents.
5. Organizing sporting events.
6. Sponsoring sporting events.
7. Partnering other stakeholders in sports business.

For more information, please contact through email or cellphone:

Name: Olagunju, Success Taiwo.
Cell:+2774 707 5793