Salam aleykum to all,

there are 4 types to earn money:

1. what 95% of people do: being an employee, a lot of people do not like it, but accept it, you have a boss and work for him "9-5"...looking forward to get retired...

2. having your own business, like a clinic or a company. Drawback: the more clients you have, the more you work.

3. Establishing a franchise system, and then sell your brand and earn money (like McDonald's for instance)

4. Investment: this is the cool one, you put money and see the projects going on and you receive returns: you earn money without working, and this is what a lot of people are dreaming of. Drawback: you need money to invest...

BUT there are a 5th category that was developed thank to the internet, and this is emarketing (or ecommerce for more IT advanced people). It is like investment with two big advantages:

- it has the potential to continuously make you earn money without working
- you don't need a lot of money (actually you don't even need ANY money) to start. If you have money, indeed it can help, but it is not a requirement.

Actually if you succeed there are a lot fo other advantages:
- work from home
- can spend time with family
- earn more money that if you work 9 hours a day
- can travel when you want (and still manage your business online from all over the world)
- take holidays when you want
- work a few hours per day
- do what you want the rest of the going 5 times a day to the masjid...

The thing to succeed in this is to know how the system works.

One example is affiliate marketing, you advertise for a product, people click on your link and buy the product and you get a commission. Simple enough ! Amazon does it just to name one.

You can advertise on google adword (you need money) or on websites like squidoo and ezinearticle by writing articles with a link to the product (it's FREE).

Another example is to sell an ebook...

To succeed in this, you need to know a couple of things: how it works, where to find affiliate schemes, how to build a mailing list ("money is in the list!"), what a squeeze page is, how autoresponders work...

There are a lot of scam programms that will tell you you gonna be a millionaire overnight. It's not true, what is true is that if you understand the system and work hard you can earn A LOT without working 8 hours a day, actually once you have your mailing list, you can make several thousands of dollars with a single email send to them...

I have registered to one of the programs teaching you all this,
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They have a lot of resources, they have a week-by-week step program and reply fast to your enquiries, I paid for a year (but you can do it on a monthly basis).

I am not advertising for them just to advertise, I paid to become a member and it is worth it: I 'advertise' because I know there is quality.

May Allah purify our intentions and make us succeed for HIS Sake.


ps: again, here is the link: