Prior to converting to Islam, alhamdulillah, I had taken a basic course
for personal finances with and I have also read books by .

However, after learning about Islam and understanding that we do not have interest
based investments, I am seeking some guidelines as a Muslimah in my 'pre-investing' stage of personal financial planning.

I learned that personal financial planning (especially as a woman because women are usually widowed and have children to raise), it is best to take "baby steps": 

1.  Emergency Fund of $1,000.00 cash; 2. Pay off debts (except house); 3.  Short-term Emergency Savings of 3 months - 24 months income in a liquid account; 4. Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement; 5. College funding for children; 6. Pay off home early; 7. Build wealth and give! by investing in mutual funds and real estate 

They also recommend having life insurance (term or permanant), as well as disability insurance, long-term care coverage (if you are in your sixties; and my husband is 56, I am 36).  However, Islamically these are usually not recommended unless in unavoidable circumstances.  What are other acceptable options for North Americans?