Project nest swiftlet

Swallows nest or nest was found to have two high nutritional value that is unique and active stimulation factor mikrogenik. Both factors helped stimulate the reproduction of cells and structural cells.

Modern scientific research found that it contains a high concentration of minerals, active protein and protein gelatin, making it a natural health products are pure and thus good for all ages.

Taking birds' nests in the long run is the best resistance to aging, while the elements of active protein in nests also stimulate the growth of cells in the immune system, thus strengthening the body's immunity against disease.

Production License
Local government and Department of Veterinary Services has issued licenses to operators of buildings (birds nest) that comply with specific nest.

Demand Exceeds Supply
The market demand on a global bird's nest, such as China, Japan, America and Europe and only 20% - 30% only in the world market demand are met (70% -80% failed to satisfy demand)

Price nest Swiftlet
Depending on the grade and type of nest
Local market price of 1 kg = USD 1,500,00 - USD 2167.00
World market 1kg = USD 2,000,00 - USD 4,000.00
The highest price of USD 4,000,00 - USD 8,000.00.

Once capital: Profit Forever

Capital investors only once to start the industry and the benefits can be collected forever. Because land and buildings are shaped permanent.
Gain 80% - 90% Of Revenue
Gain 80% - 90% of its turnover is a birds nest of the industry. These profits are not available in any investment

Capital or loan
Cost incurred in construction of nests of this kite-surfing in USD 700.00, the loan will be returned to the investors within 5 to 10 years.All investors can invest a total of USD15000, USD50000, USD100000,USD200000, USD300000, USD400000, USD500000, USD600000, USD700000