We Wish You Blessings from Our Creator This Ramadan
Dear Brothers and Sisters
We are about to witness another month of Ramadan in our lives. This is another opportunity to purify ourselves through fasting, prayers, and Sadaqat. May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our sins. May Allah bless our families, our communities, and our society with true guidance, peace, and tranquility. Ameen!

"And bring money for His love to those who are kin,
to the orphan, and to the needy..."
The Holy Quran Surah Al-Baqarah:aya 177

The Rahmath orphanage opened its door in the year 1990 and had a humble begning with 22 orphans, has realized enormous growth over the years. Today caring for more than 400 orphans and destitutes perhaps is one of the well treated home of orphans and become a model to be emulated by similar ventures.

Apart from providing quality education the inmates are being provided with Hostel accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, and also vocational training. The orphanage offers spiritual education along with material education.

1. The primary aim and object of this orphanage is to provide shelter and a home mainly to the poor orphans of the muslim community.

2. To establish along with the existing institutions for juveniles of both sexes, a section for the care and up-bringing of fondlings and small children below the existing lower age limit.

3. To establish a home for the care of destitute children of both sexes, other than those mentioned above.

4. To equip suitable inmates of this institution with general and technical education along with religious instructions and muslim education with a view to enable them to eke-out a decent living and to make them useful citizens of current world

5. For that purpose, to establish and run schools from primary to high schools, colleges, technical training institutes including institutions for training of teachers, nurses and in medical, engineering and commerce fields and other service providing courses for both sexes as may be required.

The financial background of the institutions is depends only the contributions and offering made by generous people. So I request you to continuo your contributions for the day to day expense and construction work for the institutions in which need a high amount of for its existence

Imbibing the spirit of LITTLE DROPS OF WATER MAKE THE BIG OCEAN, we are expecting single Dirham/Riyal/Dollar/Rupee as from your magnanimity …..

Those willing can contribute either in kind, cash, cheque or draft. The prayers of the orphaned children will always be for you. Kindly pass this message to all well-wishers.
State Bank of India,Kerala,Trivandrum
Ac/No: 32476718987
Ifsc Code-SBIN 0008787


Abdul Kareem,Care taker/Manager,

Rahmath Orphanage Kollam pin 691532

Kerala India,Tel:91-474-2442 810