Islamic Media as Tools for Dakwah

We are a group of production people that have been doing Islamic Media content for the past 10 years. Islamic media in Malaysia specifically are not a mainstream product or content, it is more of a cottage industry type, very DIY. The Current Mainstream Islamic Media usually comes from this DIY markets. Distributions are done by small traders and mobile resellers that command an estimated gross sales of USD 100,000 monthly (Nation Wide).Mainstream distributions are done mostly by multinationals or Non-Muslim Corporations that takes 40% of the sales margin. During the economics downturn the past 5 years, many multinational distributions either close shop of merge up between them.We are seeking an investment of USD 200,000 to set up shops, sales & marketing arms and Creative Media production studio. This Investment will be expected to pay back in 24 months. To date it is one of the most effective channel for Dakwah, what the mainstream fail to achieve the Islamic DIY network triumph.

Please contact me for any questions.

MH Hassan