Seeking a Fund to build 10 stories Accommodation building with 200% Profit, with other benefits.
My name is Ibrahim and I am seeking a fund to build 10 stories Accommodation building in Male’ City in Maldives. I have done all the paper works. The land is 1410 square feet. All the floors other than the ground floor have two spacious apartments with 2 rooms attach toilet and living area separated. The ground floor accommodates 2 rooms one apartment with parking space for the residence. The total cost is USD $1million.
The rent out price now in Male’ City (Maldives) is USD $1300 per apartment. There for monthly income generate will be USD $24,700. For one year the income generates will be USD $296,400. According to this price, the investment will be covered with in 40 months.
Benefits for the investor
1- Investor will get additional 80 months profit after covering the investment
2- Investor will get one floor Free, that’s 2 rooms two apartment for 50 years. (condition applies)
3- If interested can start a real-estate business with equal share.
4- If investor wishes to start any other business in Maldives all the assistance will be provided.
Those who want to contribute the fund kindly contact me.
Mobile Number 1: +960 7829228
Mobile Number 2: +960 9992342

Thanks you, May Allah bless you for your kindness