Salam Alaykum

My name is Aishah Dawud and I'm looking for someone to invest £5000 for my innovative fashion business for fashion conscious Muslim women and also women who wish to dress modestly. I have suppliers ready, and a good web designer willing to take on my projects, however I do not have the funds to start the business, which I so desperately need to get the business off the ground. I've done extensive research for a couple of years and now feel quite confident to take the Muslim fashion world by storm. I'm starting off small and initially will sell online through my online website and also through social media sites such as Face Book and Twitter. However once the business grows I would like to establish shops in different countries particularly the Middle east, Canada, America, Australia and of Course The the UK where there is large presence of Muslims in all these countries.
I only need £5000 to start which will be able to establish the business including the design of the website, marketing and promotions and also the stock, photography.
If you are interested in giving me this opportunity in allowing me to work for myself and make a difference. I'd greatly appreciate you to either call me on 07426044350 or email me at or

Kind Regards