I am Muslim from Pakistan and i want to earn Halal Income so i decided to ask my question here.

I am running a website which provides technical knowledge for currency market like when to sell and buy currencies each day. Mostly our clients are Online Currency Traders and they buy & sell currencies on our technical recommendation.

I want to know is this permissible in Islam?

1) I am not involved directly into Riba or Interest. We charge our monthly fee from clients.

2) We don't know which account client have, how many money they traded and no information regarding client. We give our services through SMS Only.

3) All our clients are NON Muslims.

4) We do not accept any Muslim Client and ask for Fatwa first.

5) We also mentioned that in our website that our Analysis is for Knowledge only and if you follow it. It will be your own responsibility.

6) We never recommend and promote Online Currency Trading through our business. We give only Technical Service.

7) Example of our technical services is Like: Buy EUR/USD at 1.0050, Target at 1.0100 and Stop Loss 1.0020. We have a team who read all news and charts and make some recommendation after long effort.

Kindly Advice us is this Acceptable in Islam or Not? I want to know about this.

Thank You



Fri, 2012/12/28 - 19:20

Assalam , from what i am told , taking liquor business as an example , if we are involved in any way or any where , even as bartender or driving their lorries , we should and must abstained from it. If you have no choice , work for a while as a necesity , and look for other job at the same time .
As an anology , i can say i am a job recruiter , and i recruit driver or waiter for a night club which serve liquor , am i involved ?
We search our soul and we should know what is the answer, seek His guidance in our daily doa.