Best company for exporting Cars (Salvage, Exotic, Vintage, Used, New), Trucks, Boats, Atvs, Motorcycles, Jetski's, Equipment, Machinery, Fabric, Furniture, Auto Parts and the list goes on.

I have been using Unitrans PRA for 15 years. I Ship hundreds of cars a year out of United States from many different ports with Unitrans PRA. I send mostly to Europe and Middle Eastern Countries.

Most of my inventory is Used cars and boats (18-30 feet) Sometimes I send Rare cars and auto parts. But mostly used and salvage vehicles. Also many motorcycles.

Unitrans PRA is very reliable, Unitrans PRA has very good consolidation and prices to countries all over the world. You can use anykind of Container Size with Unitrans PRA, they also do RoRo. They package all cargo securely and safely. Cargo always arrives on time and in great condition.

They have fast Customs Clearance, Storage Warehouses for all vehicles and cargo. They also provide delivery service of any car/boat from anywhere within United States to their Shipping warehouses in New Jersey/New York.

Very easy to get a quote. Prices are very good! Tell them Steve Transport referred you.

Unitrans PRA Co Inc
2670 Stillwell Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224
Tel: (718) 449-6400
Fax: (718) 449-8202