As-Salamu Alajkum
Urgently I am needs the investor and the partner with capital 500.000 AED for the accomplishment of the contract. Certain and quick profits. I have exclusive rights to this product to Countries of the Persian Gulf.I offer profit distribution 60 / 40 for the Investor - of Partner.I am sending details concerning the contract and investment to the mail address.




Fri, 2012/10/26 - 17:11

Please send me documention propose of project

Tue, 2012/10/30 - 03:15

We are looking for a FUNDER/INVESTOR that able to fund a big sum in our New Project (in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for a mega Project).
Build a Luxury condominium near to Twins Tower.
We need minimum USD 300m funding from the funder/investor for the project
Its a direct project with all the approval (its a legal)
Can come over to our office to see the Project papers and u may check with the land office for your info.
Only serious Funder/ Financier may call / sms me urgently at
Attached the project slide for your concern.

Sat, 2012/11/03 - 23:56

Incan provide the required cash in no time if returns are guaranteed