My name is Volkan Özkoçak. I'm a native Turkish citizen living in Istanbul. In my professional life, for many many years worked as manager for knowledge management projects. For the last 7 years I run my own business that is a local advertisement agency located in Istanbul.

A friend of mine and I have been working on a project for the last 2 years. The core idea beneath our project is to provide a media for small and local touristic enterprices to introduce themselves.

If you ever had a chance to have holiday in Türkiye, you probably know that it is hard to find accurate information about touristic reigons. In fact you only have chance to learn about 5 star hotels and expensive touristic places. There are lots of small places to have holiday, with out concerning about your safety and comfort. Hence our project is creating a video-site where you can watch every detail about hotels, pansions, Restaurants, kebap houses, beaches, and so forth... A win win place for both local enterprices and tourists looking for alternative holiday plans.

If you are a real invester looking for high tech and tourism business to invest and willing to fund about $1.000.000, please contact me. I can share with you all the details of our pilot project and business plan.