2007-08 valuations is 320 M+ AUD, I can offer lender first Mortgage on total project.

I require Loan of $225m AUD to Buy and finish project to the stage where we can start to sell house, units, Marina, hotel, golf courses etc

Project is on 600 hectares, has three completed golf courses, hotel.and stage 1 of a 2 stage marine.
We already have interest from Raffles to buy hotel one golf course and land to build another hotel, also other international company for Marina and land for hotel.

We have overview - projected returns, valuation of the project.

I thank you for your time



Regards to your advert about possible investment. I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partnership with you in this great business opportunity.

Looking forward for a good working relationship with you. May the peace of Almighty Allah be with you and my regards to your family?


Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh.

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh
Tel.: (971) 2 6964444
Fax: (971) 2 6417501

Mon, 2009/07/06 - 21:16

Good Morning, please send us an e-mail to imhlimited@gmail.com we will send you reports on project including valuation.
Again thank you for your time.

Thu, 2009/11/12 - 06:40


I am running my own business of computer hardware & security systems (CCTV)in Pakistan based in Karachi. Since needs for security system in Pakistan has increased tremendously, i am unable to meet the requirements of my customers. to meet with there requirement i am looking for an immediate investment of $50000-100000. market potential is very high i got good projects; the profit is about 30% per installation which is very good. i am looking for investor partner or loan lender.email; compu.sale15@gmail.om

Wed, 2010/11/03 - 07:38

Halaal Fun and Games UK, have developed the first ever halal board game to aid in the integration and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in the west, for adults and children aged 10 years plus.

We would now like to offer the opportunity for an investor to take up sponsorship for the product. The sponsorship has been divided into four parts making it affordable for any business to take part. The amount of sponsorship you choose to take up is entirely up to you. Regardless of what you choose, we can promise that your business will be an official sponsor of the product (called SCENARIOS), and your business logo and details will reach to over 1 million individuals over 3 years. Your business details will be IN all the 180,000 board game question cards (31 in each box), ON all promotional material where possible, ON all board game BOXES, in all our marketing and advertising material for which we budget to approximately £250,000; through events, specialised television channels, magazines, radio etc.

This is a great opportunity for your business to be recognised and to build on brand awareness, and move ahead of your business rivals. You will help to bring this product to market, aid in the education of children and support 10 charities. The return on your investment is 100% - So if you decide to take up 1 of the 4 available parts (25%) of the sponsorship, the rate would be £6,250, and at the end of the 3rd financial year we have included in our expenses and cash flow forecast to return £12,500 by June 2014.

Think of this as a refundable investment, where you get all promotion and advertising for your business for FREE.

Please be part of this project, which has received nominations and recognition at the Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2010, and help HFG to move forward at a critical stage. Be an Official Sponsor and grow our business working relationship for a future we can build on together with new and innovative business relations. We have a full robust business plan and all financials for 3 years, prototype stage 2 of board game manufactured, question card samples which make children crave for another scenario, all solicitors, contracts, bank details, references are available.


Tue, 2009/07/07 - 05:04

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are looking forward for the synopsis and some of the details related to the project can u please send you email address to aravind.targetfin@gmail.com, we are a financial consultant and adivsory too,

Looking forward for your positive reply

Warm regards.
Aravind. R

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Tue, 2011/02/01 - 22:58

Dear Sir,

We understand that you are seeking Acquisition Financing for your Resort Project.

We are able to structure and syndicate the Acquisition Financing.

We have Excellent News Transactions Records & References ~ Worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us Directly for further disussions :-

E-mail : eurasian-finance@hong-kong-1.com

Best regards

Yerlan Baidaulet - Managing Director
Eurasian Finance Company Limited

Mon, 2011/06/13 - 02:23

kindly send me the details