Hello there,

We are a well running software development house in Dubai, with a clientele of 500+ customers. We develop tailor-made software to fit the requirements of our customers.

Unfortunately, the owner of this company invested his total wealth in currency trading [forex] and lost millions as you know financial crisis effects globally.Our company is well running and actually he don't want to sell it as we are generating a profit margin of 50% - 90% every time we sell our software out of the one time investment. But the owner has no way out except to sell his company as he has already lost millions.This is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to take a start with business in Dubai.

Our offer includes the following:

Place of Our Company: It is in the main computer market (not on main road) of Dubai.

Office: Everything including furniture, etc...

Trade License: That can be transferred to your name.

Staff: All the staff (10+ employees).

Customers: All the customers 500+ only for software [more of hardware also].

Goodwill: Priceless.

Software: Source codes of all the software [i.e., Complete Accounting, Job Costing, Real-Estate, ERP Solutions, Point-of-Sale, Equipment Hiring, Reminder, Cheque and Label Designer and Printing, E-Filing & Documents Management, Share Manager, Cargo Manager, Complete Inventory System, HR & Payroll, Distilled Water Supply Manager, etc...]. 

Benefits of Owning a Software Company:

A product [software] that has been developed can be re-sold many times in any rate to different customers.The products [software] that you own never run out of stock.

These products [software] can be used for years without expiry.

From the same products [software], you can earn every year just by updating it to a new version.

You can charge additional amount to your existing customers every-time they need further modifications to the software you sold.You can produce more profit by making AMC on a regular basis.

Unlike others, these are the products [software] that gives you an opportunity to generate an endless income through different ways.

You can always create new ways to earn more and more from the same product.

You can produce more income by adding more products that is in relation with your products like: New computers [selling, services, etc.]Computer parts, peripherals & accessories [selling, servicing, etc.]Computer networking [remote networking, local area network - LAN, wide area network – WAN, etc.]CCTV cameras [selling, installations, etc.]Point-of-sale [along with the software you can sell hardware, etc.]Website designing [designing, domain booking, hosting, etc.]And also logo, brochures, visiting cards & letter heads designing, etc.  

Interested parties may contact us at sdc1011@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time..