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  • Cheung Kong unit to tap Islamic investment

    The asset management unit of property developer Cheung Kong (Holdings) (SEHK: 0001) is planning further investments in the lucrative Islamic real estate fund market, tapping the growing number of oil-rich investors in the Middle East.Executive director Justin Chiu Kwok-hung said the successful launch two years ago of the Al Islami Far Eastern Real Estate Fund by Cheung Kong's asset management arm ARA Asset Management and Dubai Islamic Bank meant the company wanted to expand in that area."The fund has been popular, with assets under management of US$150 million," s

  • Pakistan: Islamic Alternative of conventional Running Finance Facility

    Meezan Bank Limited, Pakistan's first and largest Islamic Bank, will introduce a new product based on `Musharakah' as an alternative to conventional running finance facility.This was announced in a statement of the Meezan Bank issued here on Monday.It said that the product will be offered soon to the local corporate sector client by Meezan Bank.The product will help corporate sector clients to manage their business dealing in a Shariah Compliant manner and will increase the product menu offered by Islamic banks in the country.The statement further pointed out that this n

  • HSBC Bank Bhd launches one stop window for its Islamic banking services

    HSBC Bank Bhd, via its global Islamic financial services arm HSBC Amanah, has scored a first by introducing a one-stop window for its Islamic banking services called HSBC Amanah Wealth Management. HSBC Amanah managing director Mohamed Ross Mohd Din said the services of HSBC's takaful as well as its Islamic savings, investments and wealth distribution services had been aligned under the proposition to allow the bank to offer a full suite of Islamic financial planning solutions for customers.

  • Role of Takaful (Islamic Insurance) in the Islamic Financial Services industry

    The Takaful and retakaful businesses play a crucial role in managing and mitigating the risks in Islamic finance. Takaful operators assume an important role as economic or financial intermediaries as they essentially mobilise long-term funds in the form of policy-holder contributions and invest them in the available Shari’ah compliant investments. • Absence of clear regulatory frameworks, prudential standards and codes of good practice, hinder the Takaful industry’s potential for growth and development.

  • Sudan's Islamic Insurance Company holds seminar on car insurance

    The Board Chairman of the Islamic Insurance Company (IIC), Mohammed Yusif, has affirmed that car insurance constitutes the major venue for underwriting as compared to other insurance markets. He revealed that the car insurance portfolio comprises 55% of the other types of insurance.While addressing a seminar on car insurance held yesterday at the Friendship Hall, Mohammed Yusif said that his company was awarded the silver jubilee as the first Islamic insurance company.

  • Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Co goes public

    Dr. Saleh Malaikah the Chairman of Salama expressed his appreciation for the results of the first day of Salama trading pointing that 'The market has made a vote of confidence for Salama. Clearly, the market is expecting Salama to be one of the top insurance companies in the Saudi market."

    Salama is a takaful Islamic insurance provider in the Gulf region.Read the full article.

  • Dutch Central Bank report highlights Sharia banking

    The report also looks at the growth in interest in Islamic banking. It says that an increasing number of Dutch financial institutions are interested in offering banking according to Sharia principles, which do not allow interest to be paid on loans and shun investment in the drinks and weapons industry. While the risk profiles and organisational structures in Islamic banking appear to deviate from traditional banking, the current supervisory framework does offer enough scope to accommodate Islamic banks, the DNB says.

  • $200 million Islamic fund in India

    Three Arab Islamic investment institutions are partnering to manage a $200m private equity fund in India, bobsguide reports. Bahrain-based Khaleej Finance & Investment will head the venture, along with Kuwait Finance House and Kuwait Investment Company. The Indian Private Equity Fund is hoped to deliver a 25% return rate over a five year period.

    Via AMEinfo.

  • From Canada: Islamic finance presents challenges to modern banking

    Prior to the Canadian convention of the Islamic Society of North America, there was a two-day conference on Islamic banking, finance and insurance. The underlying principle was the Qur'anic prohibition of interest, called usury in the Qur'an: "Allah had permitted trade and forbidden usury." However, during the convention it became clear that it is necessary to parse interest into component parts to see what is permitted. In a loan, as an example, there are costs of administering the loan, such as bookkeeping. Those costs are permissible.

  • Islamic finance in Turkey -- Looking ahead with confidence

    So far the Turkish economy has proven to be sufficiently resilient against some monetary re-adjustments that in the past would have caused problems. The present government, tied up with the upcoming elections and the EU accession talks, still manages to master inflation rates and maintain economic growth objectives. Due to ongoing legislative and budgetarian efforts, a reassuring International Monetary Fund (IMF) report and a cautious but positive Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report on corporate governance were obtained.