Resources - Fatwa, Rulings and Opinions

  • Islam Q&A
    This is a very useful site with a search feature. It is by Sheikh Al Munajjid, in Saudi Arabia. You can ask any question anonymously. Offers answers in Arabic and English. Does not require Arabic Browser. Welcomes questions from Muslims and non-Muslim alike.
  • Dar El Iftaa El Masreyya
    This is the highest religious authority in Egypt. The site is slow but contains lots of useful information.
  • Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradawi
    A much respected learned Scholar with lots of knowledge. The site contains the texts of some of his books and their translations.
  • Economic Fatwa - Al Fatawa Al Iqtissadia
    A very comprehensive site that publishes a lot of Fatwas by a commitee of various Islamic Scholars, in all areas of Islamic Finance, Economics, Trade, and Business. You can search by keyword or browser by subject, and thus is it one of the most useful sites in this regards. It is only available in Arabic.
  • Al Baraka's Fatwa / Sharia Rulings on Economics
    An extensive resource on Fatwas relating to financial matters, including investments, economics and other matters. Also available, as the Fatwas in Arabic
  • Pakistan Link Fatwa site
    On this Pakistan oriented site, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi responds to questions via e-mail. Answers to previous questions are also published on this site.
  • Islam Online. is a well respected site with staff doing research from scholarly sources to answer questions they get from the internet. They also have Q&A sessions with scholars.
  • The SoundVision web site has a Message Board including Question and Answer on Financial Matters.