Is interest permissible in Islam?

A blog post by Zafirah on Riba/Interest and is it permissible in Islam.



Interest is strictly forbidden.

As a Shari'ah lawywer myself, i have studied the Islamic Law in Business.

This is a citation: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed the one who consumes riba, the one who pays it, the one who writes it down and the two who witness it, and he said: “They are all the same.”

Do not take up loans on any cause. For home or Business.

Remember Allaah always test those whom he loves more.
If there's no opportunity now, there will be another one, better.
Inshaallaah, Allah will bless and guide us all.


I am a lawyer as well,

I am a lawyer as well, although not an expert in Shariah law. It can be argued that Riba back in the 600's is different than the bank interest I pay and receive today. The value of money today fluctuates with inflation.

For example:

I borrow 40 rupees in the year 2000 when 40 rupees equaled one dollar. I repay the 40 rupees in 2010, when 80 rupees equals one dollar. By not paying the extra 40 rupees interest, I don't actually repay the lender what he is owed. In fact, I only repay HALF of what I borrow. I would HAVE to pay interest to repay the lender properly, which is my Islamic obligation.

About fluctuating currency

Although currency fluctuation occurs, it is much different than interest. Say I borrow $6. and I pay it back a week later with say 6% interest. Does money fluctuate enough in 7 days where 6% interest rate is equal to repaying at proper value 7 days ago???? I do not think so. Interst is interest, reglardless of fluctuation of currency. Another example, lets say I borrow $40. in 2000 and I decide to repay in 2010. If there was interest rate of say 7 % per year then I would pay over $65. BUT if I did not borrow on interest but wanted to pay equivalent to $40 in 2000, then I would maybe pay about $45 or a bit more because of currency fluctuations; but at the same time does the average person keep track of the currency rate fluctions all that much? well, only if there is a BIG difference in currency fluctuations.
SO there is a clear difference between currency fluctuations and interest.

usury is haram

alsslam o alaikum . here is another point that if someone gives loan of Rs.40 for instance,in 2000 ad when $ was of Rs40 and says that i will take it back in 2010 $1 ( in doller currenccy i mean).will it be usury?

Interest Loan - permissible?


My mother is in her sixties and suffers from severe athritis. She receives disability benefit. We have applied for our local council to build a bathroom for her downstairs but the application was rejected. We therefore wondered if it would be permissible to take out an interest loan to build the bathroom (which needs some extension work to the house) and also renovate the kitchen which is over 30 years old and is in dire need of renovation. We tried to get a halal loan from an Islamic bank but did not meet the criteria. Please give your opinion, as we will not go ahead without sanction. Thank you for answering this question, we will remember you in our dua after salat. Jazakallah Khair. A sister.

Intrest money

My father got his EPF has included intrest also so we decided to build a bathroom for that intrest it good to spend it to make the bathroom?