Course: Islamic Capital Markets

London, UK

A new and rising trend in Capital Markets today is the rapid growth of Islamic securities. This three-day Euromoney Legal Training course will provide an in-depth understanding of Islamic capital markets and the workings of Islamic securities. It will look at how the Islamic market continues to develop and open up new structures. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of Islamic finance, as well as the procedure of Islamic issues: why they are introduced, who issues them, how this is done and what the market demand for them is.

Participants will learn about the various structures of Islamic Sukuk, by looking at their market rating and the legal and Shari'ah issues involved. This course will discuss the different kinds of risks involved in Sukuk to the investor, the obligor and the undertaker, approaches to Sukuk risk mitigation, and the liabilities of undertaker and obligor. It will also examine the conversion of conventional bonds into Islamic securities and the rise of Islamic investment funds and their structures.


The course is designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in Islamic capital markets:

  • Legal advisors
  • Islamic finance professionals
  • International bankers and financiers
  • Regulators
  • Venture capitalists


Join this intensive three-day course and gain practical insight into:

  • How Islamic finance products work
  • Who issues Islamic securities
  • Structures of Islamic finance
  • Fundamentals of Islamic securities
  • Types and structures of Sukuk
  • Islamic investment funds
  • Islamic hedge funds


Course page at EuroMoney.

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Dear Brother in Islam,

I write to express my profound appreciation of your effort towards educating people (Muslims)on the best investment opportunities to place their fund, May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly with Fridaus(Amen).

However, for people like us that might not be able to attend the course, I will appreciate if a soft copy of the study pack can be sent to me via my e-mail address.

Meanwhile, kindly educate me on the Islamic position on internet forex trading and that of network marketing (e.g Club Freedom etc).

Onatade Abdulhakeem