Course: Islamic Sukuk & Capital Markets - Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A 3 day intensive financial training course featuring:

  • Sukuk Market & Islamic Securitisation
  • Islamic Finance as applied in the capital markets
  • Islamic investing – Musharaka v. Mudaraba
  • Legal, Tax and Infrastructure concerns for the Islamic Capital Markets
  • Sukuk Models – Musharaka, Mudaraba, and Wakala
  • Taking Sukuk to the market & Rating Sukuk
  • Issuance Cycle
  • Islamic Hedging – latest developments


The Sukuk and Capital Markets financial training course is designed to familiarise participants with the latest developments in the Islamic capital market. The training course goes into detail with respect to the most commonly applied Sukuk structures, using recent market examples to assist participants with their understanding of how the structures are used, important challenges and key trends. The training course examines methods applicable in the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as Malaysia, and discusses the application in broader global markets. Participants should leave the training course with a clear understanding of the key Sukuk concepts and the important themes that share the Islamic capital market.


Participants will gain an in depth understanding of the current Islamic capital market, the primary Islamic rules that define it in contrast to the traditional markets, and key structuring rules for various sukuk concepts, as well as the applicable regulatory issues.


  • Treasurers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Prospective Issuers
  • Accountants
  • Legal Counsel
  • Fund Managers
  • All parties interested in issuing, investing in, or facilitating the process relating to Islamic debt or debt like securities

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