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London, UK

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The rapid evolution of Islamic products and financial institutions has resulted in a scarcity of professionals who are sufficiently experienced in and knowledgeable about the practicalities of current Shari'ahcompliant products and financial management techniques. This programme assumes that delegates have had previous training or experience of the basics of Islamic financial products, and their underlying Shari'ah principles. The objective of the course is to equip delegates with the practical knowledge to be able to structure, price, sell, and risk manage Islamic financial products, and to understand the associated accounting, compliance, ALM and economic capital issues. Delegates undertake practical teamwork making product/pringin decisions for their team's prototype Islamic Bank.


Delegates will be expected to have a good understanding of the basics of Islamic financial products, and their underlying Shari'ah principles, as taught, for instance, in the Euromoney introductory training programme 'Islamic Finance and Banking'. The course will be taught through a mix of lectures, discussions, exercises and casework. Delegates should be prepared to contribute fully to case-study work. Full course notes accompany the programme, providing a valuable reference source.


The course will be of value to individuals and institutions involved in any aspect of Islamic finance, for instance retail, corporate or investment banking, fund management, bank regulation, accounting and audit etc.

  • Senior finance, finance and management executives
  • Product structurers, marketers and salespersons
  • Compliance executives
  • Retail and private bankers
  • Treasury and ALM executives
  • Corporate and Investment bankers
  • Fund managers and investment strategists
  • Regulators and inspection staff
  • Accountants and auditors and any other executives involved in or advising on Islamic finance

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Modern Islamic Financial Markets

I am a muslim from Kenya and interested in attending the course.I have M.A(Economics), CPA(K) and will sit for CFA level in June 2008. However, i cant afford the cost. Can you help me get a a sponsor to finance me so that i attend the course.

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