French Business School Adds Islamic Finance to the Curriculum

In anticipation of a move into the Persian Gulf, a leading French business school is introducing Islamic finance into its curriculum.

In doing so, the Lille Graduate School of Management, or ESC Lille, joins a growing number of business schools exploring ways to integrate Islamic financial principles into their programs.

Lille, which has campuses in Lille and Paris, will open an outpost next year in Dubai. This summer Islamic finance, which requires compliance with tenets of Shariah law — including a prohibition on profit from interest — will be the central theme of a workshop at the school's Lille campus.

From the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required).




I leave in France and I born in France and I want just to say you French people dont like Muslim here if they lurn at school the islamic finance it is just for one think
They want the country Islamic just for win money and anythink else!!!

salam aleikoum! you're

salam aleikoum! you're absolutely right! they really thing people are stupid and cupid or both!