seeking financial help


i am from New Delhi seeking financial Help i have taken loan from my friends 3yeas back for my marriage but still not able to pay back is there any one who can help some thing around $2000 to 3000USD. insha allah allah will help you for your helping hand




seeking Financial Help

Need urgent help !

I am from India, working in UAE , but for last 6months I'm jobless and back home we are 8member in family and i am only earner in my family, for six month they also suffering with me,i.e House Rent,utility,Grocery,Hospital needs,school fee,transportation etc i am very depressed and hopeless, don't how much more time take to get job.
i have already non interest loan from relative which i took it for my sister marriage,i can't ask any more, don't know what to do what say,i appreciate and and thankful to you who can help me in this hard time and ALLAH give you big reword fro this kind help in this world and hereafter