Looking for the two project development funds

We are looking for capital partners, starting the following two projects:

1.Aircraft Weighing and Balance System is mature technology project, mainly used for various types of fixed wing aircraft, weighing and gravity measurement, UAV , rotorcraft and various types of aircraft,forecast need capital to expand market share.Is expected to need funds of about $ 5 million USD (equivalent to approximately RMB 30 million yuan).
Profit margin:18 to 20%;
Foreign shareholding ratio of 35% to 40%, but can be negotiated;
Cooperation period:15 years;
Project address:3024 No.188 New World Building Xinle road northern Chengdu City,Sichuan,China
Tel/Fax:+86-028-83017164 Mobile:13518209027
Web site:http://www.awcgs.com
E-mail:liuwcgs@163.com E-mail:awcgs@sohu.com

You can also leave a message on our website.thhp://www.awcgs.com.
2.Rural Ecological Leisure Manor: belonging to the new project, hope interested in looking for
investment partners, Co founded. The project has great prospects in the China. Is expected to need
funds of about 9 million USD (equivalent to approximately RMB 54 million yuan).The project address
selection has been completed, its business plan being prepared , you need to wait . . .
The 2 projects require a total funding of approximately $ 14 million USD (equivalent to approximately RMB 84 million yuan).
If you are interested in, and the sincerity of the investment, joint venture with us, share the benefit.
Cooperation period:20 years;
Profit margin:40 to 45%,but can be negotiated;
Project address:A Bowl of Water Cun,White cicada Township Liu Jia Town,Youxian District of Mianyang city,China.

The above two items, you can participate in all or any one of them, we will as soon as possible for you to provide the Project Executive Summary for your reference for decision

You can also leave a message on our website.thhp://www.awcgs.com.
Please contact me,ASAP.

Thank you.
Mr.Zhu yugui
E-Mail:awcgs@sohu.com or QQ:1147914544