salam alikum.

mashallah this is a great website and very benifical.

i am just wondering about the advertisment in the site. the site advertise stuff that is prohibited in islam. such as options. i

see some contradiction here, so how is that possible


Fri, 2005/12/30 - 01:18

Thanks for your question.

The ads on this web sites are controlled by the ad company, such as Google. They adjust the ads depending on how advertisers set their ads to specific keywords.

So, we have no control on what ads are displayed. Even Google does not get their matching 100% right.

-- Site Admin

Mon, 2007/10/22 - 07:16

Dear Sir
I hope you can clarify my doubt. Even I am displaying Google Ads on my website. But there is no guarantee that all ads will be of Halal products and services similiar to your scenario. Is is Halal to use this money or can we make a Niyyah to remove some percentage of the money as Sadaqah? Hope you can reply soon.

Tue, 2011/07/26 - 19:00


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