MIX AND BAKE S.A.R.L is a company with a unique position to meet the exact requirements for any bakery of confectionery business.We are specialized in food industrial consultancy and manufacturing, and as such we can provide all aspects of engineering: conceptual design, project planning, procurement, installation, start up and comissioning, and of course warranty and maintenance services for our works and products.Also we recruit and manage the operations on your behalf when needed.

Here are some of past and present bakery and snack food consulting projects.Most of these bakery or snack food consultant projects required a combination of on site and off site hours.Many of these projects have continuing follow up and on going support. We can custom design your food consulting project to meet your specific need and budget.

. Product Design and Development
. Cost Analysis

. Interim Management
. Due Diligence

. Process Reengineering
. Food Safety Plans

. Plant Layout and Design
. Business Startup

. Quality Controls
. Business Valuation

. Product Reengineering
. Label and Packaging Design

. Productivity Analysis
. Equipment Selection and Replacement

. H.A.C.C.P. Training
. Nutritional Assistance

. Marketing Assistance
. Management Evaluation

. Management Training
. Product costing.

It is impossible to describe exactly how we can help you, as different businesses have different issues. With over 12 years of experience in the baking industry, we have seen it all. More importantly, we know how to resolve the issues, whatever they may be. Our consulting fee will pay for itself with the profits we can earn for your company. We are always open to negotiations of any kind. We urge you to Contact Us to see how MIX AND BAKE Services can make money for you.

Contact info: Mr. Samir Baitamouni, Mr. Ahmad Issa
mobile: 00961-70970989,009613590851
Email: mixbake@gmail.com