1) I have doubt regarding fund investment.  Currently, I am residing India, wherein we have so many private and government organization (LIC, ICICI, RELIANCE, BAJAJ etc), wherein we can invest some amount, they will in turn return us with good amount after that money has been invested in stock market.  I would like to know whether making such investments is halaal or haraam?

2)  Second thing is, is that true that we can take interest if that comes from public sector (like investing our money in private and public organizations (i really do not know about this)), but we cannot take interest from anyone by lending our money?

It will be helpful very helpful, if i get the response/answer as soon possible.

Jazaakallah qairan.



Sun, 2008/02/17 - 00:37

My Question is about Day trading in Shares
If i bought a share on the date 11 November 2007, and the settlement completes on 13 of November..... Then i wait for settlement ( i mean i don't sell shares on that day on which i bought)
Now on 13 November 2007(after 2 days), early in the morning if i sell my shares ( i mean on the day when the settlement completes).. What do you think, is that permissible? Even on that day (13 of November 2007) i got the complete ownership of the shares, and on that day i observe the rise of my share value.
Thank you

Thu, 2012/03/29 - 18:55

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