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pls find herewith a profile of co. along with
financials and some of the FAQ'S required by an investor, pls feel
free to revert back for any queries to,

About the company and the proprietor.

I am Musaddiq Pasha from India and I own a co. in the name of Stone
Land Bldg. Mat. Tr. In Sharjah, UA.E. incorporated in march 2007. We
specialize in supply of landscaping material

Our Cusotmers

Our Customers are some of the major landscaping contractors in the
U.A.E. and we have a very good customer relationship with all our
customers thereby we would be able to continue business with them
smoothly .


We have employees who have 15 years of experience in this field which
enables us to do our business. We could include new products which are
in demand for the landscaping fields from various other countries and
expand our business.

Competitors, and our services

We have some competitors but as mentioned about our marketing team who
have vast experience thereby enable us to continue our business with
all the major landscaping contractors. We have been serving our
customers with excellent service by delivering materials as per
schedule which enables us to have a upper hand in the market, we
specialize in made to order as per the specifications of our

Staff details

The co. is a sole proprietorship and I have been in this business
since 1994 in my home country (india) I used to export stones from
india to uae since then and later opened my own co. in the uae. We
have a staff of 10 labourers and 4 administration staff including

Funds required and ROI.

We are looking at around 2 million dirhams for a 50% partnership basis
and the yearly returns would be around 700,000 to 800,000 dirhams as
per present situation but when these funds are invested in the co. we
would be looking to do business of 6 million and profits ranging upto
1 million dirhams thereby ROI would be around 18% to 23% per annum.

Future of the co.

In the next 12 to 24 months with new projects coming up in the uae we
are expecting to do about 6 million dirhams and as mentioned returns
of 1 million dirhams per annum, we also have plans of starting our
branches in Qatar as it is another potential area for landscaping. We
have been doing business for Qatar and oman from uae but with the
right finding we could open up offices in Qatar and then followed by
oman and may be saudia a little later.

Risks associated with the co.

The risk factor in our business in uae is that all materials supplied
by us are on credit basis but as we have very good relationship with
our customers hope nothing goes wrong god willing. This is the only
risk as we have good suppliers, good customers and very good staff to
look after the business well.

Reason for investor.

The only aspect that is troubling us now is the cash flow as most of
our money is in the market and we have to continue with the new orders
which we have been getting on a daily basis. Once the cash flow
improves everything else would be smooth running of the business.

Reason of location of the co.

We are located in sharjah, Industrial area no. 15, uae as the rentals
comparatively are cheaper in sharjah then dubai and abu dhabi, and we
are located in an industrial area which has major stone co’s thereby
we have a lot of walk in cutomers also for their villas etc.,

Equity investment?

We would prefer equity investment as I don’t want to indulge myself in
any sort of financing.

Thanks and regards