establishment of facilities for the production of free electricity


I am looking 100% and the Strategic Investor / or JV partner. (not lender). (I have no money for any initial fee, insurance, taxes, commissions, etc,)
Transaction Range: US $ 5,000,000– US $ More than 100,000,000
The money will I need to run the business under the title "production equipment to produce free electricity"
So, the production of power generators that do not require any additional power supply or any fuel from the outside.
1) generator to recover energy
contained in the water to eventually produce free electricity
2) electrostatic generator magnetic
also to eventually produce free electricity
3) also developed a new
ACTIVE nanomaterial.
It is associated with nanotechnology
also to eventually produce free electricity.
I have my own achievements, but also collaborate with other scientists, inventors.
We have the technology that we have a potential for anywhere, to produce the required amount of electricity, without consuming any fuel. In comparison, the "engine" of our design to drive the synchronous generator with a capacity of 100 kW will be the size of max. 50x50x80 cm, and a complete drive the car easily fit under the hood. Based on this technology, these drives can be produced with unlimited power. You can also build entire power units in this technology, I believe that in less than two - three decades, the energy market in the existing form will disappear forever,
rise in its place another deeply diversified,
by the fact that the end user to provide maintenance-free AC units that will cover all the needs for lighting, heating and driving any vehicle on land, sea and aircraft. I am 60 years old, and I'm not going to leave this vale of before, it will eliminate the use of technologies based on combustion of carbon to the devastating force, devastate our dimension.
Petroleum and coal more useful to humanity even in the manufacture of plastics and other useful products without having to burn.

This market, only preliminary estimates, is estimated by experts at least billions of dollars and viability of the proposed technology over 100 years old.
If you / you are interested to sign a contract, to begin financing, and enter into a joint venture with me,
Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting in Warsaw.

Yours, Yours faithfully,