Funds or Investment Partnership

I am from Pakistan, 35 year old, educated and have good knowledge and information about farming.
A veterinary doctor friend is also to help in any case. I have my own land, workers and want to start dairy form. I have myself very small capital that can
i invest is about 3000 USD.
I am looking for a investor who can invest about 5000 USD so we can take the start dairy form. we will work hard and using same resources will grow

I can sign any type of deal to send the monthly profit to investor honestly with investment ratio or I can send fixed profit to investor decided by both of us.

If somebody want to help me in the form of Qaraz-Hassna (Islamic Loan) I will be very thankful and I can return in the form of monthly installments.
In any case I can give you and provide you complete information to prove it I am reasonable, honest and hardworking person, capable run the system
and generate the profit. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

-Waseem Akthar
Muslim Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
skypee: waseemakhtar225
cell: +92 334 8958685