I am An Arab car Dealer in the USA

Im looking to ship cars to the middel east from USA,
I need a business partner. cars here in the U S are very cheap
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Specialize shipping to Middle East, Africa, and Europe

Dear sir,

We specializing in car export to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. We provide nationwide automobile towing, container loading, RO-RO, U.S. Customs clearance and more. If you have further questions regarding anything dealing with exporting automobiles and or rates please contact me below.

Steve Caruzo
Operations Manager Specialize

Seaway Export
(912) 233-6877


Sehr geehrten Damen und

Sehr geehrten Damen und Herren, ich habe auf der Plattform

Das sie Mitglieder sind. Ich bin ein Privatinvestor

und würde mich an ein

Bestehenden Unternehmen Beteiligen, wenn das für Sie

Interessant ist

Melden Sie

sich bitte bei mir per E-Mail oder Telefonnummer.


Interesse in ihr

Unternehmen zu investieren.

Freundliche Grüße Rosario Rizzi

Firma: AFC-Team

Amministrazione Finananza e Controllo

Straße: Via

Piazza F.Meda.4

PLZ: 20121



Internet: / www.afcteam.it/

Tel: 00381654282897

E-Mail: rosariorizzi@hotmail.com

want a car in US

I am Arabic person want a car in US in NH state. Can I buy from you. please advise.

cars by Japan

If you want to buy car from authorized person from Japan, you can buy used directly that will be low cost. even you should include your cost of shipment. if you want i can provide the way.

mail me feel free.



I am able to make collaboration with you with the understanding in your subject. also able to run and setup with you with my own subject of business maintenance in UAE. so its up to you. what the way you like to be collaborated with me. feel free to share with me.

this is just like a strategical relationship. and i am with you for that.

feel free to reply... Thanks.


Car Shipping

We are a shipping Co. specialized on Cars Export from USA to Any Destination around the world, we can get you very competitive rates with high quality of customer service.

Maged Ghazi
Safari Cargo, LLC
7007 Gulf Fwy Ste#107
Houston, TX 77087
Tel: 832-433-4515