I am seeking an investor for funding for a very prospective project in the Maldives

Sunny Greetings from Maldives!

Maldives with its exotic nature and azure waters is a major cruising destination of the world. Sailing is a major water based activity that one can embark upon over here. Because of this reason cruising in and around Maldives has gained high popularity over the past few years. One can find cruise boats in Maldives that takes the tourists for a trip around the country. The Maldives cruise boats are equipped with all the modern facilities and features that allow one to travel with the modern comfort.

I am seeking an investor for funding for a very prospective project in the Maldives. Apart from luxury resorts and retreats, cruising in the Maldives is very popular among visitors to Maldives from around the world.
Investment environment particularly in the tourism sector, the Maldives have set example to others. `In less than three decades Maldives has established itself as one of the most popula

r tourist destinations in the World.` The number of tourists visiting the Maldives in a year far exceeds the total population of the country; the tourism industry has also earned an irreplaceable position as the engine of growth of the country`s economy. As these are some of the facts among the many I am confident that an investment in this industry will far exceed the expectations.
In this regard, I would like to have necessary capital investment to start the businesses, to build and operate a luxury cruise vessel (in Maldives, it’s called “Safari Boat”) in the Maldives, which has been proven very viable in the Maldives. The total investment required USD 1,700,000.

A business plan including relevant market research and a 10 year financial forecast is prepared and can be made available upon request.

For further information please contact me at directlinkmv at gmail.com