JV partnership for profitable vending machine.

Dear Islamic businessman,

Assalamualaikom to All.

Introduce my self I'm Muhammad Razali from Malaysia and doing business in electrical contracting work since 1992 till now..I need to share my dream of business at subject given..If any person out there who's interested to know it please email me may be YOU are the right person will be with me insyaALLAH..or call at my mobile +60 016 200 1725

Investment RM 1million(Usd 300K) and return during 6 month with will be approx.RM 2million(Usd 600K)and continuos collecting profit.


your Ad

Salam Muhammad Razali,

Please give me more details about your project.
Hatem A.

Assalamoalaikom. Dear


Dear Mr.Hatem,

Thanks for respond my ad.and below here is the detail.

Description:Bill and coin operated massage chair.

The bill and coin operated massage chair can be rental and also can be place at public area such shopping mall,airport,hospital,community centre,train,taxi and bus station and many place with central lise monitoring by IP.CCTv installed.

Rough Per Month culculation :

1) 1000 massage chair x us500 monthly collection = US 500,000.00 Monthly.
If the Investment to purchase one massage chair US 2000.00 x 1000.00 = US 2 Mil.
approx.return of investment will be during 6 to 7 month with very minor risk..
to prolong this business is better to manufactured the massage chair by transfer technologies with the existing market player.

2) The rental concept is more profitable and it is a bonuses to make more money and many more concept can be done.

**this business concept has been done by one company in my country GINTELL and they are selling this chair but because of too expensive and they can capture the market and the come out with this concept and making profit.

Mr Hatem,

I'm plan to install this vending chair at makkah,madinah and jeddah..just imagine if hajj sesson instead helping haj.we also can make a little profit..i think we can install more then 1000 pcs and we can explore more market...hope from me that my idea is fullfill the criteria of business that you intend to invest..hope hear from you soon.wasalam.


My name Mohd.Razali bin Che Mat,Married with 6 kids,age 48..present business is electrical contractor since 1992,have competency in electrical with endorsement,
I'm a simple person and understanding..my business just fair and leak of capital to expand..i'm a person who like to explore new business..many idea's but insufficient of fund to do so.

Hopefully I could find very potential investor or partner to do this business not just in my country but worldwide and it's can create more job's and helping muslim people and most important try to make all muslim


Aslama alaikum i am i M in Makkah, please write me with details of your business puposal at zrkarim57@gmail.com
Rahman Ahmad Karim