Largest Free Range Poultry Farm in Sri Lanka

Largest Free range Poultry Farm In Sri Lanka To be Started.High Demand and Long Term Profitable. Project will be done according to EU Advise. Investors are Needed for Joint Venture

Rishad Almashoor


need open boiler chicken farm

hi i need open new boiler farm in sri lanka i need some advice ta

Free Range Poultry Farming

If you need any advice regarding Poultry farm contact me through

i need advice

I would like to joint with your investmet what should i do please i dvice me thanks


Coconut Estate + Poultry Farm

A new concept project is available for joint venture in Sri Lanka. Investment USD$ 2Mn

Rishad Almashoor
Contact Email:
Mobile : 0094777623124

Poultry Hatchery for Rent

My client has a nine acre fully complete hatchery for long term lease. Capacity to handle 20,000 parent birds.with Indian machines, food preparation facility, manager and staff quarters.Farm has been closed for about 2 years.Farm located in Panadura Sri Lanka.

Contact Abhaya Binduhewa on 077-3304147
E-mail -

broiler breeders

broiler breeders

breeds and equipment

plane to open broiler farm in srilanka hence i need necesery equipmet and feed supliers contact on 0773413965

supplier of day one old chick

Dear sir

We have own breeding farm ( hatchery) in rajshtan ( india) . we produce 300000 day one old chick (cobb100&400) . if you have any requirment please contact us at following no or mail us

Thanks & Regards

Narender singh

m. no 91-9891471079

Poultry farm

Send me your proposal to my mail


Shazin Nahi

project feasibility report

I am interested in starting a poultry farm on my coconut estate in hettipola in the nw province,
I need to know the capital cost and the other start up costs,and running costs for a operation of 1000 eggs a day initially,

Can someone take up this consultation.possiblity of ongoing consultations on expansion

Send cv and fee propsal

Business Eggs

Dear sir,

I am Dawood living at Colombo city. I would like to collecting and buying the eggs from out of the city and willing to supply to Hotels and shops.

Please could you help me and advice me to continue the business.

Thanks and regards.


Regarding supply of egg

Dear Dawood

We have own layer farming and breeder farm. we produce 3000000 white egg and 200000 day one chick per month from rajshtan (india). we can supply to you

Narender singh

Anchor breeding farm

Rajshtan ( india) 91-9891471079

profesional manufactory for veteriary medicine

Hi dear

This is Jeff comes from China . We are a manufactory establised in 1999 and passed GMP. specilized in producing veterinary medicine . From the website , i found that you are a big farm . I think there is a good chance between us . If possible , please feel free to ask me about the medicine for chicken and others . Very hope can get the chance to be your friends , Thanks.

My MSN is
Mailbox is
Please contact me if you need . thanks

Poultry farming

Dear Rishad

we have plans to start a poultry and goat farm in kurunegala, kindly let me have your proposal and project plan.

kind regards
0777 570004

Hopping can get the chance to be your friends

Hi dear

This is Jeff comes from China . We are a manufactory established in 1999 and passed GMP . specilized in veteinary medicine , Hopping can have the chance to cooperate with you . Thanks

My MSN :

Mailbox :

Please free feel to ask me any question. i think there is good opportunity between us

Best regards



hellow sir we are view farm tecnology we selling all sizes of egg incubators on cheap price please contact 0115299338,athapattu

Poultry Farm

We are in the process of inviting foreign investments from the middle east in developing the Local Poultry industry. We would like to hear from you how to move forward in this regard.




if u have investors for dairy & poultry, pls contact me through

poultry & goat

I m looking for a investor to my goat& poultry project in nw. district.
any body interested please contact me via

Need advice to start a Poultry Farm

I need advice to start a poultry farm near colombo
What kind of a area required ?
what will be the capital cost to start with ?
From where i can buy chick & feed ?
What are the other things i required to know?


like to started a layer farm

I have a flan for started a new layers farm in ampara with 1000 I like to know what are the need strating capital for that and i like to get some idears about it.

thanking you.

Dairy and Poultry Project

We are glad to inform you that we will provide the necessary land for the expansion project. our national milk production is only 20% and balance is imported.

Need a business partner

Good Day.
This is Faisal from Bangladesh.
We have a real estate company 3G BUILDING TECHNOLOGY LTD. We are the registered company of Bangladesh Government & Company registration number is: C-83967/10. Now we have enough projects for build up new building. We have also land in Coxbazer project. As you know, Coxbazer is the largest sea beach in the world. If we build up a resort or any kind of 3 star hotels & sell that project than it will be so profitable business. Dhaka is the capital city & Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh. Please search google for real estate business in Bangladesh. You must see understand all matter of real estate business. You must be check all document of our company & our national id card by Bangladesh Embassy.

Dear Sir as per Bangladesh government announcement, Bangladesh real estate sector is number one rising sector in Bangladesh. Real estate Market of Bangladesh is almost saturated by the thousands of real estate Company which is around Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and some district of Bangladesh but we have not enough money for construction work. We will make per square feet US 38$ & we can sell per square feet US 64$ average (in Dhaka). We are looking for a business partner & investor to increase our business level & we decided that, we will sell some share of our company to investor as a chairman or director.

Dear sir many countries investor are invested in our country. Such as
1. China - company name: China Garden City Developers Ltd.
2. America - company name: America Purbanchol city.
3. Japan - company name: Japan Garden City Ltd.
& etc.

Please look our 1 cost flow Projection

• Cost flow Projection (Coxbazer Project)

Our country's land agreement is as such that if I go for a collaboration deed with the landlords then I have to go 55-45 partnership. As I am doing the whole investments for contraction accept purchasing land that is why I have to provide him with 55% of the no of square feet. So the cash flow projection, I made is totally based on the rest of the on. If square feet that flows the agreement of deed.

Total land area 20 katha:

20 katha X 720 square feet = 14,400 square feet.

As per RAJUK (Bangladesh Rajdhani Unnayan Katripakkha) rules 45% less for 9th floor.

So 14,400 square feet X 45% less = 7,920 square feet.

Average 8,700 square feet X 9th floor (Ground Floor + 9th Floor) = 87,000 square feet total land area build up building.

So 87,000 square feet X US 40$ = US 3,480,000$ cost for

Office cost & worker cost per month US 2,000 $ X 36 month = US 72,000$ in 0ne project.

Total cost US 31,32,000$ + US 72,000$ = US 3,552,000$

Build up a building and land lord 55% acquisition than calculation is as such

87,000 X 45% (As per agreement) = 39,150 square feet.

Sell 39,150 square feet X US 250$ = US 9,787,500$

So Profit US 9,787,500$ - US 3,552,000$ = US 6,235,5

I would like you to join me; it is a highly profitable business. Kindly contact me & I can tell you each & everything in detail & we can further go on.
Waiting for your answer.

With best regards
Shekh Md. Faisal.
Shekh Md. Faisal.
House No# 1010/A
Road No# 16


you need all sizes of incubators have cheapest price.view farm tecnology.please contact.0115299338


you need all sizes of incubators have cheapest price.view farm tecnology.please contact.0115299338

What is the minimum

What is the minimum Investment?

Feasability study

I am looking for one or two feasability studies on "CHICKEN FARM" in North of Srilanka also if any one interested in joining me in this venture.

Reply me on