looking for investors to invest the money to me for the processed in the stock market and forex trading

Rules Of Cooperation
1. cooperation contract will be valid for three months.
2. after three months, the investor can end the partnership or to continue to make a new contract for three more months.
3. distribution of profits will be distributed each month by the percentage of 90%: 10% (investor: broker).
4. transfer of profits will be made at the beginning of the month through the bank on weekdays (between day 1 to day 10 every month depending on length of the cash disbursement process).
5. amount of investment:
• Minimum: $ 10,000 (ten thousand dollars)
• Maximum: $ 1,000,000 (one million dollars)
6. every week on Saturday, the investor will get a financial progress report via email.
7. fee for the transfer (if any) will be borne by the investors which will be paid directly from the money profit of investors.

Email: deqie88@yahoo.com