New Business - Setup and Running of a Super Market Chain in Dhaka

I'm proposing my business idea to gain investment of around 25,000-30,000$ initially to setup the business. And an additional 25,000-,30,000$ to expand the business further

Furthermore, I'm very comfortable if the profit sharing be as 40% for myself and 60% for the investor. The reason for this would be simply that i'm not investing any money in the business except for my labor and expertise.

My business idea in short, i feel is that Bangladesh needs a proper one stop departmental store sort of like a Wall Mart but a halal mart.

The market I'm targeting literally has no bargain super-markets well setup. The majority of shoppers i.e. the new generation prefer modern trade outlets over traditional markets.

The local competitors maintain exorbitant pricing strategy mainly due to large demand for imported goods this gives an easy opportunity.

Lesser unemployment, more younger population is making it viable do conduct such business. Dhaka city population is over 22million.

I'm open to more ideas so hope to hear from you Inshallah.