Organized Sandalwood, Teak-wood and Organic Mango Plantation


We are a team of ex IT - Employees trying to promote this excellent team of Scientists, Biologists and Senior farmers who have brought in their immense expertise on a single platform to provide an simple, safe, secured, assured and insured investment option in the Sandalwood farming segment which is not just Organic but also an self-sustainable and integrated farming module.

Our team included Dr. H.S. Anantha Padmanabha, Acharya Muralidhar, Mr. SLV Prasad, Mr. Srinivas Kandlagunta among other with varied backgrounds in different aspects of agriculture with the common aim of restoring Indian Sandalwood’s lost glory.

Projects are located at

Moinabad 2195 per Sq. Yrd ( plot size – 726 Sq. Yrds)
Ketreddipally 1395 per Sq. Yrd ( plot size – 726 Sq. Yrds)
Chavella 995 per Sq. Yrd ( plot size – 726 Sq. Yrds)
Vikarabad 250 per Sq. Yrd ( plot size – 1200 Sq. Yrds)
Aleru 265 per Sq. Yrd ( plot size – 1200 Sq. Yrds)



• Gated farming with in-house swimming pool and bamboo cottages.
• 300 sandalwood, 100 mango and 50 teakwood per acre
• Project approved for claimable insurance of 4.5 crores INR per acre.
• Project planned with all contingency planning such as

• Organic pest management preparation
• Rain Water harvesting management system
• Ground water recharging management
• Windmill for alternate dependency on electricity
• Adaptation of cutting edge technology for crop protection
• Land ownership in the name of investor giving complete control of investment
• Minimum investment requires is as low as 3 lakhs.
• Returns shared on a 50/50 Profit sharing basis

Available in 726 Sq Yds, 1200 SqYds, 2400 Sq Yds and 4800 SqYds

Prerequisite : This project cannot be understood without individuals doing a brief homework in finding out the details of Sandalwood Farming. I would kindly request you to go through the FAQs section for complete understanding of the project without which we might/would not be able to understand each other.

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