Produced From Waste Diesel - The Future Technologie

The waste piles are getting higher worldwide every year. Plastics, organic waste, used oil is not recycled by a lack of equipment again. Oil is becoming scarcer and more expensive.
I spent the last three years made ​​up my mind how to solve this environmental problem at the same time.
Therefore, your your chance to read this text from me, and as a financially strong Muslim investor to recognize exactly like me, this is my proposal today and your future.

For all the mentioned waste we can produce with a turnover of only 9% with port connection several million liters of diesel per year, both in a small country of Montenegro.

Why Montenegro?
Montenegro is economically very interesting with Macedonia.
Good transport links, more port for worldwide shipment of manufactured diesel. In addition, the tax burden in terms of income tax and VAT is a European example.

Due to the in comparison with other non- EU Balkan countries , Montenegro is the unemployment rate of about 13 % below the European average , and as a non- EU country. No wonder Brussels in accession negotiations with the beautiful holiday destination .


My job would be in the future to take care of public investments. Your job is to help me financially in this endeavor , so we both have what long-term it.
Maximum 3 years, then your investment will be paid financially. Your financial investment of about 8 -10 million euros is purely brought in this time frame . From the 4th year we work with profit. Therefore, seeking a partner who is honest and trusting as I always was , and will always be .

Should you be seriously interested in meeting you in person in Germany is inevitable.

Investor role silent or activ

If you are seriosly interested contact me under phone for Germany 0049-175-7335424