As we know, HALAL product being the key to all food consumed by all Muslims all over the world. Agar-agar is not the prime food like rice, bread, corn or other staple food but Muslims all over the world consume agar-agar in many form in accordance to their native needs. In Malaysia, agar-agar is used to make delicacies. Agar-agar also is the main ingredients in food processing facilities as a thickener, stabalizer, meat tenderizer etc.

I am looking for an investment of USD 2.5 million to start a factory in Malaysia which will carry HALAL certification. We will work hand in hand with JAKIM (Malaysian HALAL Development Authority) in order for our product to be certified HALAL.

Agar-agar is extracted from seaweed which is commonly found in Malaysian & Indonesian water.

Almost 75% of food grade agar-agar came from China, Korea & Japan and these countries are non Muslim countries. Their product are marketed worldwide. Studies by our Consumer Association of Penang that some of these agar-agar contain non HALAL substance like animal genetine.

Agar-agar is not meant only for human consumption. Agar-agar is widely used in tissue culture medium, bacteria culture mediums, artificial teeth casting, HALAL capsule and other applications.

As a Muslim, I am drawn into this industry to fulfill my destiny to produce HALAL products. This "fardu kifayah" is the bridge for me going to another permenant world (akhirat). I request fellow Muslims investors to come together with me in this quest

This venture is not only making money but also we are able to fulfull our destiny in our next world