In search for an Investor for ( Golf & Beach resort Bodrum , Turkey )

Salam Aleykum,

Dear reader,

Via this site i hope to find an investor for my initiated golf and beach resort. I have a ready Masterplan which i can show. I found a well known Dutch Engineering company ( listed at the Amsterdam stock Exhange ) who is ready and willing to manage the whole project from a to z. I am on speaking terms with the two landowners from whom the land is going to be purchased. Phase one is 164 ha, phase 2 89 ha. The plots are attached, so it can be made as one. The project contains the following : 2200 villa`s and appartments, yacht marina, 27 holes golf course, sportfacilities, 3,3 KM beach ( coastal line ) , commercial area`s , 2 deluxe hotels, 1 care hotel. Its position is within 30 minutes drive by car from the aiport. The plot suits itself for such a project, and can be the first of more like it. I Hope that you are interested by reading this message, and will send me a message, so that we can discuss further details.

Thank you for you precious time, and may Allah bless you, your family and your business.

Best Regards,

Salam Aleykum,

Bulent Yazici


Funding For Your Golf Project

Dear Bulent,
I work with a group on investors and we can raise funds for your golf project.Please may i know how much you need and also we need to have a look at the master plan.I look forward to your reply.You can also send me an e-mail on

Golf and beach resort in Turkey

Dear Daniel,

I`m sorry to tell you that I can`t send you further details.

Wishing you the best for your business and halal earnings.

Best regargds,


Your Resort

Please send more information and complete plans to

Golf and beach resort in Turkey

Dear Patrick,

Before sending you confidential information, I want to ask if you could tell me more about your company and yourself, and what trackrecord you have in this fragile business that we call ( resort-development ).

During my path in the plan-development stage I got a bit experienced. That`s why I am carefull with information.

Thank you for your understanding, and sure awaiting your response.

Best regards,

Bulent Yazici

Dear Mr Bulent I read your

Dear Mr Bulent

I read your advertisement. Basically, i am a Singaporean; representing a group of Investors such as Financial Institutions, Private investors & others High-value-Networth Individuals.

Appreciate if you can email me information on your project.

Mr Mohd T.D


becareful of Mr Mohd T.D he said that he can help you and he have nothing nothing he just trye to steal your project.

Funding to expend my business in Solar energy

Assalam Aliukum,

My company is 5 month old based in Morocco we sell and install solar water pumps for irrigation and drinking water also we offer off grid systems for daily electric needs.The market is booming I am doing OK but need 50k USD to expend my business.Please let me know if there is any way I can have this funding and @ what conditions.

Thank you for your time.