Very high profit investment in Turkey

Dear sir,

Who we are?
Lift Emergency System (LES) is an established, reputable, extremely fast growing and “profitable” brand with IT professional staffs and backed by our thousands of loyal customers across the globe who speaks highly of our services due to our sheer dedication and love of the company and its clients over the years.

What's this all about?
We have exciting projects and product prospects that we felt can put us on fast gear (from drawing board to the market) should we have invited external investor to provide additional funds and or expertise into the table to ensure better outcome, therefore we are inviting serious investor for opportunity to take a share of the pie.

This will be a totally separate entity from Lift Emergency System (LES) and its existing product portfolios but we will leverage on the existing reputation & expertise to have a solid start, some of the projects (we are working on this for some time now and secured on license contract free for first year) would be the multi-homed on App powered LES products. LES is the next big thing in the building construction industry and we are still in the pioneering stage where history told us early adopters reaps great rewards. The technology is already mature (so less risky) and there’s enough hype now in the market so there’s no better opportunity to enter than now! Our goal is quite ambitious and will be simplified by saying hitting multi-million dollar revenue in first 3 years of operation and establish ourselves as the preferred Lift Emergency System in the industry... we will do LES like a boss!

Who are we looking for?
Due to the nature and sensitivity of the project we may not entertain inquiries from our direct and existing competitors, welcome though. If you are interested and seeing potential to this and want to be part of the project please email me directly

We prefer German or Austria based investor but open for overseas offers from individual or entity with sound track recond, for simplicity we are looking at one investor/partner only.

Best Regards


Project Owner