We are looking for partners and investors. We have the technology sapropelic capsule soil forming for desert, contaminated and depleted lands.

The CENTER FOR SAPROPEL offers capsule technology of soil formation from sapropel in the desert, contaminated and depleted lands(PLACE).
The project consists of four stages and provides a long-term program to create fertile soil layer adapted to the geomorphological and climatic characteristics of the region.
The first stage:
• Departure of experts on the territory of soil formation in the PLACE, the sampling of land on the laboratory tests, collection of data on geomorphological and climatic conditions, in order to adapt to the terrain capsule technology.
• According to the obtained laboratory tests are preparing the project design on soil formation.
Deadline for the first phase of one month.
The second stage:
• We select the russian deposit of sapropel with the necessary quality and quantity required for soil formation in the PLACE.
• We create an industrial-experimental samples of the products, produce full-scale tests on soil formation, observe the process and correct the technology.
The term of the second stage - the growing season.
The third stage:
• Based on the data of the first and second stages, design of the production of sapropelic raw material in Russia and of making from it capsular soil formers in the PLACE.
Timing of the third phase of 3 months.
The fourth stage:
• We carry out extraction of sapropel, its preparation in Russia, deliver components to the PLACE and make from it capsular soil formers.
• Produce soil formation in the resulting products.
Terms of the fourth stage of additional agreement.