I am seeking a partnership for mudarabah al mutlaqah for a carbon fiber manufacturing project.

I am in the US and have experience in both design and fabrication of various items. I have studied marketing and advertising in school as well as having sales experience in both construction and fine jewelry. The many experiences allow me to design, create, market & sell a product. My research & in depth analysis have allowed me to branch into many varying fields and to perform well at all of them. When working with precious stones, i boosted sales over 30% during of the previous year's record.

What I intend to do, is have my former employer at HovercraftDepot.com manufacture a product for a sports niche. Or to help them with the actual production myself as this will help reduce costs as well. It is a rollerblade or inline skate boot which I have designed to look/function more as a shoe and comfort like a shoe but still maintaining proper ankle support. Ive improved the shape making it more anatomically correct which helps those with problems of flat feet also as shock absorption built into the boot itself.

This project for manufacture is helped by another project I have already begun developing. It is an online social community for rollerbladers around the world. The site is built to promote the numbers of the global community for advertising and to monetize by the sale of Limited Edition (LE) items such as shoes and the skate i've designed. I am also working with a professional rider recognized throughout the world. He was featured in a Playstation video game called Aggressive Inline. He's also received signature model skates which have sold out within 4-6 months at 10,000 and 14,000 pairs respectively priced at 200USD (when sold to stores @wholesale price).

I do not like to speculate potential profit as is common way for financing in the US. I have only given facts of what others have done and continue to do. Typically, a skate company in this industry produces 3-5 different rollerblade models yearly in similar quantity. This is an industry I've followed for more than 14 years, so there is still much information I could explain, but there are still many possibilities as you can see. One skate has the potential to become 2Million USD with only 10,000 pair. 3 skates in one year with different color-schemes could reach up to 6 Million USD.

I seek a partner for mudarabah al mutlaqah and hope to find a partner with large scale distribution experience. Advice to help guide our venture into fruition.


Sat, 2011/12/10 - 15:16

I would just like to post updates on the progress of my projects. Since my original posting we have officially launched our website UnitedWorldRolling. It is a social network for rollerblading. You can search us on Google as well, type "UnitedWorldRolling" and you will find at least 14 pages from various websites around the world. We have incorporated the company and the official legal name is United World Rolling Inc. We have had lots of interesting developments such as the App for Android and iPhone which is completed and should be available for download within the month. Our site can translate both in chat and profiles into native language including Arabic, chinese, croatian, Hindi and more.

We've begun our first project, which is a limited edition shoe for a pro who is world famous within our niche sport. His name is Franky Morales, and you may Google him as well. The shoe is to be manufactured in China. I have designed it digitally myself and have been in constant contact with the manufacturer before official production of the first 1000 pairs begins.

I do not seek investment for the website but rather project funding. I still seek a mudarabah contract for the rollerblade or skate project as it will cost much more than the shoe, but we expect no less than 30% ROI within 1 year. We would anticipate full repayment of principal within 2 years maximum time but we actually expect to give a full contract repayment within 1 year. A total of 3000 pairs sold worldwide will yeild 900,000 which would allow us to repay early. Amount needed is $350-400,000 which covers production costs and product promotion. You can see various updates on either my LinkedIn, Twitter page or on the GrowVC website.

best regards,
Quintin Adamis