The legal service sector here in the United Kingdom is fast changing; a revolutionary business structure has been introduced allowing non law professionals to work with law firms. It is now possible to seek outside investment under what is known as Alternative Business Structures (ABS).

My name is Imran I have been developing a legal brand within a law firm for the last 7 months, the returns have been fairly good given the markets being extremely competitive and given that resources of developing my venture have been limited due to lack of financial support.

I am seeking investment to rapidly make my brand a household name. There is only a handful of national brands operating at this developmental stage, market research illustrates this both within personal legal services and corporate/commercial services. The funds would be directed to marketing, sales, product development and innovating online/interactive services. With the hope to offer online legal documents to commercial and non commercial clients. In addition, customer service centres upon expansion and successful business growth.

Many investment companies have taken great interest in this sector as there is ample room for superb returns on invesmnets.

I am a complete novice to islamic finance and investment but within law and marketing i have developed great experience and knowledge. I lack the financial push to become big! I am eager to hear from investors to discuss further.

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Sun, 2012/07/01 - 11:03


I am interested in a potential partnership with a law firm. My background is legal and legal marketing, and I would like to discuss this further. Are you London based? I am hesitant to post my personal details on a public forum, do let me know so perhaps we can arrange a phone call.