We are specialist in sales of Trucks and heavy machineries, house and properties investment.

Asalam aleikum,
We are specialists in export of trucks, trailers, 4x4's, heavy equipment, spare parts and all related project services worldwide. and also we have been on the bridge of getting our muslim brothers and sisters home and properties owners all over europe.

Feel free to send your enquiries and questions to:

Tel: +353 (01) 4513923
fax: +353 (01) 4512932


Thanks, i would like to know

Thanks, i would like to know are these trucks,trailors,4X4's are lefthand drive or righthand drive.

Lefthand and righthand are available

We have various type of trucks, 4X4, Trailers, and heavy machines, we have both right hands and lefthands vehicles. and in different maker. we can send you list and pictures of all form of vehicles in stock.
Ma Salam