I am looking for an investor or business loan for my F&B business. Company Sdn Bhd in Malaysia which is operating for last 4 1/2 year,fund needed is RM50.000. to RM 100,000 . The company has a great potential to grown,with the current leadership and idea. Highly appreciated if anyone come forward to help young entrepreneur. kindly contact me for further detail.

< Operating :Restaurant (Kopitiam)
< Managing: Owner Operator
< Hours operation : 10am to 2.30am
< Workers : 14
< Menu : 98 foods & Drinks
< Takeup rate perhours : 68%
< Max capacity sitting : 180 pax
< Location : prime ares pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
< Bank loan : Nil
< Outstanding loan : Nil
< Gross sale: RM45K to RM65K permonths
< Gross profit : 68%
< Net Profit : 18%

For Investor Agreement

Payment within 12 months by monthly installment with 2% or max 3% interest.
i.e Investor fund RM50,000.

The Monthly payment is RM5167 (RM1000 is interest 2% and RM4167 is a principal) x 12 months = RM62,000.00

Thank You,

Mohd Amin Abdul Rahim
facebook : amin rahim or bugisstreet kopitiam


Tue, 2012/07/31 - 03:04

salam Mohd Amin Abdul Rahim

i would like to inform you that i am intrested to put my money in your business as a partner but i am also most intersted to share in operation please return back me for mor information

best regarrds