Shell Petrol Station For Sale (Malaysia)

Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Harfiez currently im working at the one of the property company in Malaysia. Let me brief you a little bit about the petrol station. Its a Shell petrol station and its located at the centra of busy traffic in Shah Alam (K.Lumpur/Selangor). It has 12 operated dispenser (6 pump per dispenser) and 7-eleven shop. The size of the station is 1 acre including the 7-eleven shop and its a freehold land. Price of the land right now is USD 3,484,000.00 (USD 80.00 per squre fit). License with Shell ends 2031 (20 more years to go) and it can be renew.Total avarage sales is USD 437,500.00 (750k liter) monthly and its about USD 5,250,000.00 yearly.To be transparent the total net profit for last year is USD 517,500.00.And finally about the selling price, it will cost you USD 3,750,000.00 (your total investment).

p/s: i also can help you with your immigration, i have a friend who work in malaysia immigration.

If you have any further question, feel free to mail me back. i hope you can spare some of your time to fly over to malaysia to view the product and further discussion before made up any decision.

Thank You and Have A Plasent Day.Wassallam

Regards, Harfiez.


Is this site also available

Is this site also available for rent? Tq
May i also know your contact number if we wish to purchase this land?

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