Looking for investors for internet business project. Website to help investors, Entrepreneurs and Inventors from all around the world. The project is almost at the stage testing and commissioning ( which is 2 months from now ). Very, very high return. Profit 100% - 200%. We target within 5 years we will be Multi Billionaire Internet Business Company in the world. For Proposal Please contact Ahmad Afifi Sulaiman aasulaiman@live.com


Mon, 2009/09/14 - 07:01

Hello, i do have a wide variety of cars available now and i am giving at very moderate prices, so as to raise some money. I have RAV 4, both the old and the new model, i also have all the various models of Toyota Corrola, Camry, Prado and others. Just contact and tell me what you need and we shall discuss on the price.

If anybody knows of any website where i could possibly, post adverts, then let me know. Thanks to everybody.

Sun, 2009/09/20 - 13:06


could you just share some informations about yourself.


Sat, 2009/09/26 - 18:26

some more info regarding the type of website and your future plans would be appreciated.

what differentiates you from others in the sector?

Thu, 2009/10/01 - 06:35

I am interested in your project and want you to contact me through this email address below for further discussions: abdulkader.albakri@hotmail.com

Sat, 2009/10/17 - 16:42

hi i would like to invest but need to know how much do i put in and how much i get back


look forward to hearing from u


Sun, 2009/10/25 - 04:51

Salaam to all brothers and sisters.

May Allah reward you for your efforts and good deeds.

By grace of Allah, I have recently have set up doc2scan to help the local communities whom are interested in digitising there paper documents into electronic formats.

We specialize in smaller projects, we can convert all your paper documents in to pdf format that is highly searchable. We provide all scans either to disc or ftp to client servers worldwide. The rates are affordable and value for money. Its a price of a photocopy.

The enviromnetal benefits far outweigh the negatives, as you will instead of having cabinets full or paper, wasting storage space and energy, you will have them in digital format. If anyone wants to view the documents instead of posting them you would email these, thus saving costs in transportation and fuel.

Feel free to browse the website, and please email your thoughts and comments via the contact form supplied.

Inshallah, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sun, 2012/12/09 - 05:18

I am an icelandic writer who has written 3 stories based on my own

1. My Incredible Struggle (After The Accident) which can be
bought on Amazon (self-published),

2. Loki's Resurrection (an erotic
love story), and it is better than 50 Dark Shadows!

3. Selected (when I was a teenager I had a close
encounter with aliens from another world).

I am also the owner of a literary magazine called Netsagas,
www.netsagas.com, where you can enjoy stories, poems and articles in
every language of our world; pics and videos, and music.

My son's a fantastic musician and has many great tunes appropriate for music videos for companies.

I wrote all my stories first in Icelandic, but only nr. 1 has been
published in a book (Icelandic and English versions). It´s an account
of my struggle from being totally paralised (a vegetable) after an
auto accident.

I sold 10,000 copies of the Icelandic version.

Many have thanked me for the inspiration it supposedly has given them
in their own lives. That is the reason I translated it to English
because it could probably help people all over the world.

Can you help me find investors for Netsagas.com ?

Best regards,
Olafur Thor Eiriksson (Olithor Eiriks)
Vesturberg 78
111 Reykjavik
Tel. 354-696 7271
Skype: olithor1967