Good morning my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am Mr Lasson Kings from Malaysia, a reputable, legitimate and accredited money lender. I loan money to Christians and trust worthy people in need of financial assistance at 3% interest rate. Do you have a bad credit or are in need of money to pay bills? Let me take this medium to inform you that I assist beneficiary reliable as I'll be glad to offer you a loan.Please write with the below information. After the reply, you will be sent a loan application form to fill. (There are no credit check, 100% Guaranteed!) I hope you will allow me to be of service to you. Sincerely. Contact us via email: ( with the Applicant Information below:

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I am looking for cheap loan or a Investor who might be interested in Investing in my Concept.

There is a Interesting Label in Turkey, and I wanna get this Label to Germany.

If your are interested to know about it, please contact me.


Wed, 2010/06/09 - 05:54

my name is fadila i live i south africa i really need a loan to apy off debts the amount of R90000.00 please im a muslim mother with two children i really need the help of a legit lender please

Tue, 2009/07/07 - 23:43



I want you to understand the fact that i have fowarded your banking information to the transferring bank so that the transfer of your loan will be done latest tomorrow. I want you to understand the fact that why the loan has not hit your bank account is that the transferring bank told me that you bank account need to be acctivated before the loan can hit into your bank account, so i will want you to know that once the acctivation take place, you shall recieve your loan into your bank account asap... I will also want you to know that if the acctivation take place, it will only take 4/5 hours for you to received your loan so i just want you to know that i am reallying willing to help you so that you will get this loan, you know what i will go to the bank tomorrow and get the deposit slip for you to confirm your loan, if i did not do that don't beleive me i have all the deposit slip so i will email me the bank to get them to me asap so that you will know that i really deposit the money at the bank, Okay..

But you see after we have finalised everything regarding the transfer of your loan to you, the bank confirm to me that your account need to be activated before loan can reflect in your bank account, they said the before your account can be activated you have to pay the sum of $350USD for the activation of your account to be done, the bank also confirm to me that your loan have already been transfered but will not yet reflect in your bank account until the activation of your account is done, they also confirm to me that as soon as the activation is done loan will reflect your bank account within 4hours, I know how you feel hearing this but beleive me, i was so angry with the bank when i heard this, the bank assured me that this wil be the only payment you will ever make before this loan can reflect in your bank account. So i will want you to make the payment today so that we can finalise this once and for all, all arrangement have been made as soon as the bank receive the fee and the activation is done loan will refelct in your bank account within 4hours i assure you that this tome there will be no more dissapointment.